Looking to get your home ready to sell? Majority of realtors would suggest using a storage unit to de-clutter your home.

Removing excess or large furniture items from the rooms in your house can make the room look more spacious in photos and to buyers touring your home. The larger the rooms appear, the higher the listing price that buyers would be willing to pay increases. Realtors also suggest moving everything from your garage and storage spaces, so that potential buyers can see all the space. It increases curb appeal to park your car inside the garage instead of the driveway, so cleaning out your garage will allow for that.

How Can Tower Point Help?

Whether the plan is to move to a larger home or to downsize your living space, putting the extra stuff in storage to get the house on the market for the peak season is a winning strategy. Tower Point Self Storage is the solution to all your storage needs because we keep your stuff safe and out-of-the-way in a secure, climate controlled storage unit for a short or a long time. Our storage units range in size and price points to meet exactly what you need in Bryan/College Station. We offer 24-hour customer access as well as video surveillance with secure corridor and gate access. You can trust all your prized possessions at Tower Point.

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